A downloadable game

Go inside a computer in order to hack the cloud. Use a cursor and place tiles to allow your character to avoid incoming obstacles.

A game created by Edward Kiddle in 60 hours for the Games Factory Jam 6.


Arrow keys : Move cursor

Numbers 1 - 4 :  Select Tile Type

Spacebar : Place Tile

Escape : Pause

Install instructions

Unzip rar file and run executable.


Cloud Hacking Session.rar 3 MB


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I would strongly recommend uploading as zip file instead of a RAR, because Windows has native support for zip files without third-party software and most people are familiar with the format. RAR files require third-party software to extract and play.

Ah yeah good point, cheers Merlin!

I will do that as soon as possible, I can't for the next week or two though because uploads are disabled while the voting process for the game jam it was entered in for is on.