A downloadable game

Created for the Mini Game Jam 40

Theme: Hunters

Restriction: Mouse input only

Control a Rogue's Bow, shooting arrows that teleport you to their destination.

Navigate the dungeon puzzles and try to get to the end!

Created by moonunit (Edward Kiddle)

Install instructions

Download .exe and play!


Bow Solver.exe 5 MB


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With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!

a wonderful game I would love to see this become a fully polished game. some of the things I enjoyed are the slow and floaty movements. some of the thing I didn't like is the slightly off teleportation. somethings I would recommend if you are planning to continue this game: I would love to see different arrows like ones that teleport you up and to the right or perhaps a arrow that teleports you even if you die or faster teleportation arrows. basically what I'm saying is this game has a lot of potential all you have to do is add some more of everything and a bit of polishing and I have no doubt this will be a amazing game.  ps. sorry for the bad sentences I've been awake way to long.  

Hey unfadingobject, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to do that!